Camp Nawic San Diego

“Camp NAWIC San Diego enhances educational development of young  women who are seeking knowledge about career opportunities through hands-on experiences while participating in construction activities.”

Camp NAWIC San Diego was created as a community outreach to target high school age girls to kindle their interest in pursuing a career in the construction industry.  It is our desire that upon completing the Camp sessions, participants will have a clear understanding of the necessary skill-sets required by those engaged in the construction industry.

Prior to commencement of Camp, each girl is required to undergo 4 hours of safety training and pass a written examination. Emphasis on safety continues with daily tailgate meetings for all participants.


Camp NAWIC 2020 – June 22nd to 26th

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We offer a two-tiered approach where 1st year campers (“Apprentices”) are exposed to the basic trades; returning campers (“Journeymen”-up to 4 years) utilize the skills they have gained to construct a project. Both groups learn the concepts of team building and team approach in completing their tasks. Working together in the spirit of cooperation, campers learn to understand and then demonstrate effective communication in order to achieve the intended result.

The alliance of industry volunteers constantly focus on explaining how leadership traits enhance one’s own abilities as well as the entire group in accomplishing the job. Pairing experienced volunteers with new recruits to reinforce the premise as to why hands-on application becomes a positive step forward. Apprentices “learn by doing” rather than subjecting them to training sessions without any practical application.

Local apprenticeship programs and industry professionals are asked to contribute by providing instruction in the basic trades. Since inception, our apprentices have received coaching in ten disciplines: Carpentry, Concrete, Electrical, Heavy Equipment Operation, Landscaping, Masonry, Painting, Sheet Metal, Surveying, and Tile Setting.

Each year the committee meets with the hosting school to select a desirable asset to benefit the campus. A volunteer Design Professional creates the conceptual drawings; a student enters the information into AutoCAD; the resulting plans are sent to the School District for design approval. Following authorization, materials are taken off and ordered from suppliers. Qualified industry trainers mobilize the journeymen to complete the project, utilizing their supervisory skills and with hands-on training. The paid work-study program winners (high school and college student having prior Camp experience) perform preconstruction activities with assistance from industry professionals and continue their learning experience while the project is being built.

NAWIC San Diego is proud of its outreach to high school and college construction students in the form of mentoring. We endeavor to broaden their horizons about the amazing opportunities available in the construction Industry. For more information about our Camp NAWIC San Diego program, please send an email to