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A few words from our NAWIC Chapter 21 President for the 2019-2020 year

As the NAWIC 2019-2020 New Year approaches, and as I start my term and plan for the chapter in the upcoming year, I want to thank the members for entrusting me with the vision of our association.  Last year we accomplished new milestones and I want to maximize on that energy and further excite our members to continue the unity and action.  Let’s be all about our pledge – using our hands, minds and hearts to support each other to raise awareness of our association, as we serve women and girls in our industry with education and self-improvement. 

The Fall Conference in Colorado Springs is before us and I am excited for the opportunity to attend on behalf of our chapter.  I look forward to the continuing education about our industry, as well as seeing the members again from the Annual Conference in Atlanta this past August. Wonderful memories are always made at regional, national, and forum conferences.  So be sure to plan for attending in the spring!

Our theme this year is “Towering Towards our Future”.  Continuing to grow our existing outreach efforts and education programs, and adding a mentor-ship program is how “we tower”.  In addition to the great programs we have already established: the Block Kids, Design Drafting, Scholarship, Camp NAWIC, and WIC week… I realized that there is a need for a mentor-ship program.  I had the pleasure of mentoring to a young Emerging Professional, and I reaped a magnificent return on contributing to her well-being and her success.  This is why it is my goal to encourage all members to receive the benefits of mentor-ship – Each one, Reach one.

Finally, I want to encourage all of our members to sign up on a committee this year.  Being a “team player” on a committee allows you to learn more about our organization and helps improve the outcomes for all of our members.  And as members we all need to participate in those recruitment efforts.  So please, let’s all do our part to break 100 members this year!


Kimberly Bell 

Kimberly Bell

Pulice Construction, Inc.

NAWIC San Diego Chapter President

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